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Granite Tree Memorial Plaque
Item#:Granite Tree

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This memorial tree plaque is ideal for acknowledging the donation of a garden, tree or other such charitable gifts. For those individuals seeking for a distinguished way to memorialize a loved one, natural durable memorial markers allow them to express a lasting message of love and admiration. The memorial stone is engraved with a personalized message and then colored with black acrylic masonry stain which is resistant to chipping and fading. The memorial stone material is dense, making it impervious to freeze/thaw conditions and allowing it to last for generations.

This granite memorial can be used for a variety of purposes including cremation memorials, tree dedications, pet memorials and temporary markers. The granite stone is fine textured gray in color and has a polished top.

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H x W x D Engraving Length Colors Available Price
6” x 12” x 2”” 45 characters & 1 image Blue-gray $130.00

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